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Want to know more about me? You've come to the right place 🎓

Hi, I'm Bartosz Zagrodzki 👋

I'm a 21 year old software engineer based in Poland. I'm passionate about building modern software that helps others (including me) to improve their lives. I started my blogging adventure by publishing translations on and now I'm here with 15,403 posts views.I'm working as a freelancer, so if you want to hire me, check the sections below. I'm always open to innovative ideas and solutions, so I think we're gonna get along. 😎I love talking to interesting people, in my free time I also like to just read or play a game of chess. I love swimming too. 💪Sounds interesting? Feel free to contact me!

Fun facts

Some unique things about me ✨

  • I do 100 pushups every day

    The beginning was hard, but if I ever give up, you can slap me in the face. Are you in? 💪

  • I have read 55 books in the last year

    I love to read, I will try to improve on that this year. What is your favorite genre? What do you recommend? 📖

  • I really like chess

    I don't play the best, but I've managed to win a few school tournaments. Do you want to go up against me? Let's play ♟️


I'm always open to new suggestions. If you have an unconventional offer or want to see what else I have to offer, contact me at


You can contact me directly from my website, via email, Facebook, Twitter or other social media. I reply to all messages! Ask me anything, I'm not afraid of any topics.


What do others say about me? 👀

  • Bartek has made tremendous progress over time. I watched his beginnings, and accepting criticism wasn't easy for him. Gradually, Bartek realized the best way to grow as a developer is to learn from other people's experiences. Now he's successfully helping others in the community.

    Michał Miszczyszyn
    Michał MiszczyszynTech Lead at Saleor • CEO at Type Of Web
  • Always substantive, communicative and trying to find the best possible solution. He's eager to contribute to the community and wants to learn new things all the time. As for me, a perfect candidate for a developer. By the way, his READMEs are awesome 😉

    Szymon Hrabia
    Szymon HrabiaFront-end Developer at AppUnite
  • We have collaborated on several projects and we can say that Bartek is very reliable and responsible person. He has a high level of work culture and always tries his best to meet customer expectations. The right person in the right place. Recommended!

    3motionCreative agency
  • Extremely courteous and collegial guy. Cooperative, looking for unconventional solutions, punctual when it comes to project preparation. I know he can learn from the mistakes he and others make. I can certainly recommend Bartek as a professional person.

    Olaf Sulich
    Olaf SulichFront-end Developer at AppUnite • CEO at Frontlive
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